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Historical Speakers 

Here is a compilation of our historical speakers spanning decades.


Sunday, December 7, 1902: Organizational Meeting Speeches and Organization Tuesday, January 6, 1903: Brandes, Wright, Kennedy Musicale: Cello, Piano, Songs Tuesday, February 3, 1903: Randall, Henry, Branes, Kennedy Travel Talks: Alaska-Randall, Mexico- Henry, Argentina-Brandes, Paris-Kennedy Tuesday, March 3, 1903: Farewell Dinner to Lt. Mitchell: The Capture of Aguinaldo Tuesday, May 5, 1903: Vaughn, Gano, Brandes, Ring The Citizens' Alliance: Vaughn, The Present Strike-Gano: German Dueling Experience-Brandes, Great Frog of Silver Lake-Ring Thursday, October 15, 1903: Messrs, Hinds and Cobb, Bannister: Election of Officers and Informal Discussion of Plans for the Future: Angel Child and Vampire, a Harvard Hasty Pudding Play in 1 act-Messrs, Hinds and Cobb, Cy Dore-Bannister Saturday, November 21, 1903: Dr. Victor Alderson, President, School of Mines: The Extension of Technical Education Thursday, February 4, 1904: Frederick W White: Hodges Dinners and the Drama: Speech-Hodges Thursday, March 10, 1904: Dean Howe, Denver University: Photography in the Service of Astronomy Monday, April 11, 1904: Harry Eugene Kelly: Justice-Paper by Harry Kelly, Discussion by Vaughn Monday, May 23, 1904: E.H. Sothern: The Drama, Old and New: Speeches by Hughes and Ring Saturday, September 10, 1904: William Jennings Bryan: A Visit to Tolstoi Friday, December 2, 1904: Brandes, Ring: Musicale: Cello Selection-Brandes and Readings-Ring Wednesday, February 22, 1905: Hodges, Kennedy, Hughes, Holme: Washington's Birthday: George Washington-Hodges, Patrick Henry-Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson-Hughes, Alexander Hamilton-Holmes Thursday, March 30, 1905: Vaile, Finch, Skinner: Travel Talks: The Lower Antilles-Vaile, Great American Desert-Finch, Australia-Skinner Thursday, June 15, 1905: Senator Thomas Petterson: Alaska Thursday, October 12, 1905: Clayton C Dorsey: Pending Legislation in Congress on Freight Rates: Address by Dorsey Tuesday, November 28, 1905: Professor Hugo Meyer, Harvard University: Government Regulation of Railroad RatesSpeeches: Vaughn and Thompson Wednesday, December 27, 1905: David Starr Jordan, President of Leland Stanford University: Work and Play at Stanford: speech by Bannister Wednesday, January 17, 1906: Vaile, Wilson, Randall, Gano: Benjamin Franklin, Born January 17, 1706: The Statesman-Vaile, The Displomat-Wilson, The Scientist-Randall, Reading from the Almanac-Gano Tuesday, March 27, 1906: Marshall P. Wilder: Stories and Legerdemain Wednesday, October 24, 1906: Ring: Travel Talk Friday, February 22, 1907: Governor Charles S. Thomas: The Relations of Washington and Jefferson-Thomas, Society of the Cincinnati-Henry, Conway Cabal-Bannister, Washington Farwell-Bellamy Friday, April 19, 1907: Donohue, Vaughn: Dry Farming-Donohue, Coal-Vaughn Thursday, October 10, 1907: Prof D.L. Carlyle, Colorado Agriculture College: The Colorado Horse Friday, November 15, 1907: William H. Dickson, Attorney General of CO Frank: The Association of Attorneys General: The Railroad Problem-Trumbull Thursday, December 12, 1907: General R.H. Pratt, John Brisven Walker, F. Finch: Experiences Among the Indians, The Parcels Post, Adventures of a Cartoonist Friday, February 21, 1908: Leslie M Shaw, Executive Secretary of the Treasury: Trade Expansion Thursday, May 28, 1908: Henry Miller: Stories and Memories of the Stage: Essay-White, Speech-Ring Tuesday, September 29, 1908: Woodrow Wilson, Princeton University, B.E. Walker Canadian Bank of Commerce Toronto, Ontario: Relation of National to State Government: The University Man in Business Wednesday, November 11, 1908: Swan, Bannister, Kennedy, Cobb, Rutherford: Settlement and Resources of Western Florida-Swan: Wordsworth's Sonnet on Westminster Bridge-Bannister: Music-Kennedy, Cobb, Rutherford Friday, December 11, 1908: Dr. William Shaw Ward: Modern Ceramic Art Wednesday, January 20, 1909: Lawrence C. Phipps: Japan-Illustrated Address Friday, February 12, 1909: Pershing, Rogers, Bannister: Abraham Lincoln, Born Feb 1,1809: Lincoln, the Invation of Modern Democracy: Pershing, Person Traits: Rogers, Ancedotes: Bannister Monday, March 15, 1909: Hon Gifford Pinchot, Chief Forester of the US: The Forestry Service in Colorado, Music-Kennedy, Rutherford, Chappell Thursday, October 21, 1909: Hudson, Bannister, McPhee: The Hudson-Fulton Centenary' Hendrick Hudson, Address-Bannister, Robert Fulton-McPhee Wednesday, December 1, 1909: Rabbi W.S. Friedman: The Wandering Jew


Wednesday, January 19, 1910: Robert B. Mantell: Reminiscences of the English Stage, Speech-Thompson Thursday, March 17, 1910: Prof M.F. Libby, Colorado State University: Mental Therapeutics Monday, April 18, 1910: James R Garfield, Executive Secretary of the Interior: Conservation Monday, June 13, 1910: Minnie Maddern FiskeIbsen: The Modern Drama: Speech-Holmes, Music-Mrs Collins, Mrs Walker, Kennedy, Rutherford, Rogers Wednesday, September 21, 1910: Richard Ballinger, Secretary of the InteriorConservation: Speeches: Morey, Hughes, Hodges Friday, November 4, 1910: Hugh O'Neill: The Duty of Service in Journalism Saturday, January 21, 1911: F.R Roberson: Trade in South America, Magic in India, and Morals in Japan Thursday, March 16, 1911: Rt Rev F.S. Spalding, Bishop of UtahMormonism: Speech-Ring, Music-Gower and Ruthford Tuesday, April 18, 1911: E.H. Sothern, Miss Julia Marlowe: The New Theater-Sothern, The Pioneer, Poem - Ring, Speeches-Wetherill, Grant, Music-Gower, Kennedy Tuesday, May 9, 1911: Woodrow Wilson, Governor of New Jersey: The Relation of Business Legislation: Speech by Senator Thomas Thursday, June 8, 1911: Master Pepito Arriola, Age 14: Piano Selections by Chopin and Liszt, The Panama Canal-Anderson Friday, December 1, 1911: Debate Costigan (Affirmative) vs Pershing (Negative): Is the Commission Form of Government Desirable for Denver? Thursday, December 21, 1911: Dr. David Starr Jordan: The Case Against War, Speech by Bannister Wednesday, January 24, 1912: Sir Wilfred T. GrenfellLabrador: Impressions of a Christian Missionary Wednesday, March 6, 1912: Dr. Wetherill: Glimpses of Sicily, Music-Gower, Rutherford, Kennedy, Rogers Saturday, June 1, 1912: Dr. Albert Buchnell Hart: The Presidency Thursday, July 25, 1912: Picnic Friday, December 6, 1912: Chalmers Hadley, Librarian: An Experiment in Communism Tuesday, January 28, 1913: Dr Harvey W. Wiley: The Pure Food Law Tuesday, February 11, 1913: Ring, Gower, Kennedy, Rogers: Literature as a Fine Art-Ring: Music-Gower, Kennedy, Rogers Wednesday, March 5, 1913: David Warfield: Goodbye, Jim: Speech by Wolcott Tuesday, March 11, 1913: Captain Roald Amundsen: The Discovery of the South Pole Friday, April 25, 1913: Sweet, Dr. Wetherill: The Business Man and His Overflow-Sweet, Modern Surgery-Dr Wetherill Tuesday, May 13, 1913: S. Richards Fuller: The Ides of March Tuesday, September 16, 1913: Picnic Thursday, October 24, 2013:Dr. Kurt Siegler German Consul, Dr R.W. Corwin: The Constitution of Germany, Eugenics Tuesday, November 25, 1913: Annual Meeting: Speeches by Bannister and Rogers Friday, February 27, 1914: Otis Skinner: Joseph Jefferson and William Winter: Recollections, Speeches-Rogers Saturday, July 11, 1914: Picnic Saturday, July 25, 1914: General John Chase: Industrial Conditions in the Southern Coal Fields Thursday, September 10, 1914: Professor E.R.A. Seligman, Pres Ntn Tax League: Socialism and Industrial Peace Monday, September 28, 1914: Reverend William Ashley: Sunday: My Conversion Saturday, January 16, 1915: Governor George A. Calson: The New Administration Saturday, March 27, 1915:Dr. Lucien I. Blake: Submarine Signaling: Speech-Ring Thursday, June 10, 1915: Fredrick J.E. Woodbridge, Dean Columbia University: National Self-Consciousness, Speech-Ring Saturday, July 10, 1915: Picnic Thursday, September 30, 1915: J.B. Benedict: The Architecture of the Panama Exposition: Speech-Bisco Friday, November 5, 1915: William H. Crane, Stuart Robson and Eugene Field: A Reminiscent Hour, Speech-Davis Thursday, December 16, 1915: Dr. William F. Slocum, President CO College: Personal Experiences in the Balkans Wednesday, December 30, 2015: Hon. Seth Low: Preparedness, Speech-Hodges Tuesday, January 11, 1916: White, Berger, McAllisterAlexander Hamilton: Childhood and Youth: White, Financier-Berger, Statesman-McAllister Wednesday, February 16, 1916: Dr. Livingston Farrand: Racial Myth Saturday, March 11, 1916: Nicholas Murray Butler, President Columbia University: America's Inevitable Interest in the War: Speech-Stearns Friday, April 14, 1916: Bishop Francis J. McConnel: The Mexican Situation Wednesday, May 24, 1916: Dr. Thomas Nixon Carver, Harvard University: The Supreme Test of Democracy: Speech-Bannister Wednesday, July 12, 1916: Picnic Friday, July 28, 1916: Edward N. Hurley, Chairman of Federal Trade Commission: Business and the War: Speech-Vaughn Friday, August 26, 1916: Hon Charles Evans Hughes: Cooperation and Efficiency: Speech-Wolcott Saturday, October 7, 1916: Frank Vanderlip, Frank Trumbull: War Savings and Liberty Loans Monday, November 13, 1916: Davis, Reed, Vaille, Ring, Rutherford: R.L.S. His Life-Davis, Man of Letters-Reed, ReadingsVaille/Ring, Music-Rutherford Tuesday, November 28, 1916: Lincoln Steffens: Mexico Wednesday, January 24, 1917: Lieutenant Zinovi Petchkoff: Experiences on the Western Front Friday, May 4, 1917: Captain Ian Hay Beith: Life in the Trenches Friday, June 15, 1917: Dr Henry Pritchett, President Carnegie Foundation: Education and the War Wednesday, July 11, 1917: Picnic Tuesday, September 11, 1917: Monsieur De Billly, Colonel Martin, Henri Lee Compassuer Crequy: Montfort de Courtivron and Lieutenant Pierre Egremont St. Cooix Limouzain, Member of the French High Commision: France Thursday, October 18, 1917: Captain Richard L. Livermore: War Talks: Military Situation of Home and Abroad-Captain Livermore, French Canada & the War-Ring, Characters of the War-Grant, Economical & Government Aftermath of the War-Hughes Tuesday, January 8, 1918: Mrs. St Clair Stobart: The Serbian Retreat: Speech-Bannister Wednesday, February 20, 1918: Dr. Samuel Harper, American Embassy at Petrograd: Personal Experiences in the Russian Revolution Saturday, April 27, 1918: General Leonard Wood: The Liberty Loan and the War Wednesday, July 10, 1918: Picnic Sunday, January 5, 1919: Baroness Huard: What France Thinks of the League of Nations Friday, March 28, 1919: Senator Lawrence Phipps, Hallett, Davis, Pershing, Hughes: The League of Nations Saturday, April 26, 1919: Ole Hanson, Mayor of Seattle: The Seattle Strike Thursday, June 26, 1919: Livingston Farrand, President Cornell University: Experiences in the World War as Executive Chairman of the Nation Council American Red Cross Wednesday, July 9, 1919: Picnic Thursday, November 20, 1919: Reverend H. Martyn Hart, Dean of the Cathedral of St. John: In the Wilderness: Victorian England in the Retrospect Thursday, December 18, 1919: General Leonard Wood: National and International Problems


Tuesday, January 13, 1920: General John J. Pershing: The American Soldier in France: Speech-Hodges Thursday, January 22, 1920: Frank O. Lowden, Governor of Illinios: A National Budget: Speech-McAllister Thursday, March 4, 1920: Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, President Stanford Jr University: New Values in Education: Speech-Bannister Wednesday, March 10, 1920: Senator Warren G. Harding of Ohio: The Presidency: Speech-Wolcott Monday, April 5, 1920: Frank A. Vanderlip: A Sound Basis for Prosperity Wednesday, July 14, 1920: Picnic Thursday, October 7, 1920: McLean, McPhee, Ring, Ryland: Ireland, England's Irish Policy-McLean, The Irish Republic-McPhee, Ulter and the Ylsterites-Ring, The Irish in America-Ryland Tuesday, December 14, 1920: Reverend Milo Gates, Vicar of the Chapel of the Intercession, New York City: Spain Monday, March 14, 1921: Albert J. Beveridge, Former Senator IN: The Courage and Prevision of Washington: Speech-Kountze Monday, March 21, 1921: Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell: The Labrador Doctor Thursday, July 14, 1921: Picnic Friday, September 9, 1921: Dr. H. Foster Bain: Following Chinese Trails Tuesday, October 18, 1921: Thomas Nelson Page: Education and Idealism Friday, November 4, 1921: Pershing, Rogers, Smiley, Gast: Colorado Prior to 1859, The Cliff Dwellers-Pershings, Spanish Explorers-Rogers, Famous Indians-Smiley, Pioneers who came before the Rush of 1859-Gast Friday, December 16, 1921: Marion Leroy Burton, President of University MI: Changing Educational Standards: Speech-Herrngton Monday, January 9, 1922: James R. Angell, President Yale University: Some Modern Problems of University Administration Friday, March 31, 1922: Herbert C. Hoover: American Individualism vs Russian Socialism: Speech-Bannister Wednesday, April 12, 1922:Monsieur le Mare'chal Joffre and Madame Joffre: Speeches-Davis (in French), Browne, Major Symes, French Songs-Ms. Davis, Rutherford Wednesday, July 12, 1922: Picnic Monday, October 16, 1922The Right Reverend Rennie MacInnes, Bishop of Jerusalem: Palestine Today: Speech-Browne Thursday, December 7, 1922: Herbert S. Hadley, ex-Governor MI: The Safeguards of Modern Civilization Monday, March 19, 1923: Hamilton Holt: The League of Nations: Speech-Gov Sweet Tuesday, May 8, 1923: Princess Santa Borghese of Italy: Mussolini and the Fascisti: Poem-Davis, Speech-Ring Wednesday, July 11, 1923: Picnic Tuesday, November 27, 1923: Huston Thompson, Chairman Feredal Trade Commission: My summer in Europe: Observations and Impressions Wednesday, February 6, 1924: Thomas Mott Osbonne: Prison Reform Monday, March 10, 1924: James Hamilton Lewis: The International Situation: Speech-Shafroth Friday, April 25, 1924: Dr. George Norlin, President Universuty of Colorado: The South Sea Islands illustrated lecture Thursday, May 15, 1924: Prince Don Gelosio Caetani: Italy under the Fascisimo: Speech-Davis Wednesday, July 16, 1924: Picnic September 22, 1924: James M Beck, Solicitor General US: Social Revaluations: Speech Judge Symes Wednesday, January 14, 1925: Clayton C. Dorsey,American Bar Association: Meeting in London: Observations and Impressions: Addess-Dorsey Monday, January 19, 1925: Samuel M Vauclain, President Baldwin Locomotive Works: Optimism: Speech-Hellett Friday, March 27, 1925: Dr. Lauro De Bosis, Royal University of Rome: Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Italy, Rome, Ostia, Pompeii, Syracuse, Sardinia, Tripoli, Cirene Tuesday, May 19, 1925: John Holland Rose, Professor of Naval History, Cambridge University: Anglo-American Relations Thursday, July 23, 1925: Picnic Wednesday, November 4, 1925: Heber Harper Chancellor DU, Messrs, Bosworth, Alexander, Stearns, Kennedy: America's Destiny: Music- Messrs, Bosworth, Alexader, Stearns, Kennedy, Moving pictures of Annual picnic by Morey Thursday, December 3, 1925: Raymond Fosdick, Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation: Altruism and its Problems Wednesday, March 24, 1926: Pershing, Hughes, Dodge, Stimson, Denison: Empire Builders: John Evans-Pershings, David H Moffat-Hughes, William Palmer-Dodge, Moses Hallett-Stimson, H.A.W. Tabor-Denison Wednesday, May 5, 1926: Alexander Moore ex-Ambassador Spain: Romantic Spain - Practical America Wednesday, July 28, 1926: Picnic - John Morey, Master of Ceremonies: Speeches by Messr, Stimson, Rogers, Holme, Ring, Holmes, Bannister, Music-Messrs, Rutherford, Spears, Rogers, Kennedy, Johnson, Cobb Wednesday, November 10, 1926: Her Majesty, Queen of Rumania; His Royal Highness, Prince Nikolas; Her Royal Highness, Princess Ileana: Speech-Toll Monday, January 3, 1927: Dr. Robert Millikan President CA Inst of Tech: Americanitis Thursday, January 27, 1927: William W. Grant Jr: Rumania in History Tuesday, June 14, 1927: Dean Roscoe Pound, Harvard Law: The Rehabilitation of Lord Braxfield Friday, August 5, 1927: Picnic Wednesday, October 19, 1927: Prince William of Sweden: Big Game Hunting in Africa: Speech-Gov Gunter, Music-Ms Davis, Hinman Friday, December 9, 1927: Henry Dubbs, Bosworth: The First White Men in Colorado, music program Monday, February 6, 1928: Dr. Will Durant: Is Progress a Delusion? Thursday, March 8, 1928: Agnes Maude Royden of England: Evolution Friday, June 8, 1928: Dr. David Saville Muzzey: The Duty of the Historian to tell the Truth Thursday, July 26, 1928: Picnic Monday, October 22, 1928: Blumenfeld, Sir Armstong, Barrons, Clark, Collings, Davey, Sir Igglesden, Jonson, Owen, Robbins, Roberts, Walling, Willis, Hawkins, Cowles: Banquet in honor of a party of leading British journalists brought to America by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Blumenfelk, Sir Goerge Armstrong, Barrons, Clarke, Collins Davey, Sir Charles Igglesen, Jacques, Johnson, Owen, Robbins, Roberts, Walling, Willis, Hawkins, Cowles Monday, November 26, 1928: Dr. Charles P. Berkey: Experiences of an Explorer in the Gobi Desert of Asia - Illustrated with lantern slides Thursday, December 13, 1928: Dr. Henry Suzzalo: Educational Trends at American Universities Sunday, February 17, 1929: Sir Herbert Brown Ames of Cananda, Financial Director of the League of Nations: The League and World Peace Saturday, March 9, 1929: Ring, Thomas A. Dines-President Denver Art Museum: Presentation Denver Art Museum of "The Net Wagon" oil painting by Gifford Beal: Speech-Ring, Response-Dines Thursday, April 25, 1929: Gerald Hughes, President Mile High Club: My Trip Around the World Tuesday, June 11, 1929: Banquet in honor of leading European journalists who were brought to America by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Included among the visitors were men of distinction for France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain, Yugoslavia, Latvia, Poland and Rumania Friday, July 26, 1929: Picnic Wednesday, October 23, 1929: Frederick M Hunter, Chancellor University of Denver and Ben Cherrington, Dir Foundation: for the Advancement of Social Sciences who were just home from abroadEuropean Reconstruction and the United State of America Wednesday, December 18, 1929: Willcox, Pershing: An Evening with our Bibliophiles-Willcox, Pershing


Monday, February 10, 1930: Rt Reverend Frederic L Deane, Lord Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney: Islands Relations between Great Britain and The US from a Scotchman's Viewpoint Thursday, August 7, 1930: Picnic Wednesday, October 15, 1930: Casey, Mierow, NorlinBimillennial of the Immortal Roman Poet Virgil: Virgil in Relation to His Age-Casey, Virgil in the Middle Ages-Mierow, Virgil in Recent Times-Norlin Monday, November 17, 1930: Berger, Bannister: Travel Talks - Spain-Berger, Europe-Economic and Political Aspects-Bannister Friday, March 20, 1931: Chester Rowell, Institute of Pacific Relations: The Future of the Pacific Tuesday, May 5, 1931: Dr. P.C., Change of Tientsin China, President University Nankai: The Traditional Economic System of China and the particular changes now being introduced Saturday, May 23, 1931: Sir James Arthur Salter: World Economic Conditions Thursday, July 30, 1931: Picnic Tuesday, September 15, 1931: Rt Reverend Michael Bolton Furse, Lord Bishop St. Albans, England: Patriotism - False and True Monday, September 28, 1931: Hon George Wickersham, Dr. H. Percy Silver: Law and Religion -Contemporary Problems Friday, November 27, 1931: Hon William E. Sweet, Peter Hagner Holme, Esq: Symposium - To what extent in the interest of social progress should individuals be treated as equals? Tuesday, December 22, 1931: Key Pitman, Senator Nevada: Depressed Price of Silver and World Depression Tuesday, February 2, 1932: Coolbaugh, Symes, Wolcott, Ring: George Washington - The Engineer-Coolbaugh, Military Genius- Symes, Statesman- Wolcott, Off His Pedestal-Ring Friday, April 1, 1932: Dr. Lawrence Pearsall Jacks, Oxford: Leisure and the Machine Age Friday, July 15, 1932: Picnic Wednesday, November 2, 1932: Thomas Petterson Campbell: Social and Economic Life in Europe - Impression from a Recent Trip Friday, February 24, 1933: Shafroth, Jansen, David, Johnson: Commemoration of the Birth of a Few Historical Celebrities Born in the Month of February - Aaron Burr-Shafroth, Galileo-Jansen, David Garrick-Davis, Queen Anne-Johnson Thursday, April 20, 1933: Dean Rosco Pound: The Military Telegraph in the Civil War: A Study in Non-Cooperation Wednesday, August 2, 1933: Picnic Tuesday, October 3, 1933: Dr. George Norlin: Hitlerism, Why and Whither Tuesday, April 24, 1934: Pietro Gerbore, Royal Italian Consul: Economic Phases of Italian Fascism, Speech Grant (The Poison Banquet of sinister memory) Monday, July 23, 1934: Picnic Friday, December 14, 1934: Arnell, Foster, Warring: Wonders of Medicine - Outstanding Events in the Progress - Dr. Arneill, Outstanding Events in the Progres of Surgery - Dr Foster, Anthony von Lwuwenhock, the Father of Proto - Zoology and Bacteriology - Illustrated by moving pictures - Dr Waring Friday, February 8, 1935: Harold Willis Dodds, President Princeton: Can Democracy Be Insured? Tuesday, June 4, 1935: Dr. J.O. Perrine, American Telephone and Telegraph Company: Voices Across the Sea - Perrine made call to London at 10 pm with Bannister, Ring, Vaille talking for the Mile High Club Thursday, June 27, 1935: Casey, Owen, Gustavson, Ferril: Hero Worshippers - Agustus Caesan-Casey, Robert E Lee-Owen, Claude Bernard-Gustavson, Jim Bridger-Ferril Wednesday, July 17, 1935: Picnic Wednesday, September 18, 1935: Grant, Leonard, Saunders: Travelers Return - England and the Continent-Grant, South America-Leonard, Alaska with Pictures-Saunders Friday, January 10, 1936: Judge Orie L. Phillips: Historical Analogies to Present Day Developments Tuesday, March 10, 1936: Dr. Stephen Duggan, Trustee of World Peace Foundation: Russia, Germany and Japan Wednesday, May 20, 1936: Dr. Joyce C. Stearns: The Physical World as Seen with Invisible Radiation Monday, June 15, 1936: Dr. Thomas Vernor Smith University, Chicago: Ideals, Up and Down Wednesday, July 29, 1936: Picnic


Monday, November 17, 1958: Ernst H van der Beugel, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Netherlands: The United States and a United Europe Tuesday, December 9, 1958: Dr. Alfred M. Bailey, Denver Museum of Natural History: Subantarctic Isle Tuesday, March 17, 1959: David F. Goheen, President of Princeton University: Requirements of Higher Education in America Today Friday, August 14, 1959: His Exellency Howard Beale, Ambassador of Australia: Spread of Communism in the Far East Friday, October 16, 1959: Count Kield Gustav Knuth-Winterfeldt, Ambassador of Denmark and Countess Knuth-Winterfeldt: Inter Danish-American Relations


Thursday, March 21, 1963: George S. Trimble, Vice President for Advanced Programs, Martin Company, Maryland: Missiles, Defense and Exploration of Space Friday, May 3, 1963: The Honorable Barry Goldwater, US Senator, AZ and Mrs. Goldwater Wednesday, October 9, 1963: General Alfred M. Gruenther, President American Red Cross: Some of Our Problems in a Changing World Wednesday, January 22, 1964: The Right Honourable Sir David Ormsby-Gore K.C.M.G.: Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador to the USThe British Perspective Wednesday, April 29, 1964: Dr. David W. Talmage, Professor of Microbiology CU Medical Center: Immunology and Medical Transplants Wednesday, June 17, 1964: His Excellency Monsieur Herve Alphand, Ambassador of France: France and World Affairs Today Tuesday, November 24, 1964: Messrs, Jack Foster and L.P.F.: L'EstrangeInnocence Abroad: Andrews D. Black: Film-Expedition to Nepal Tuesday, February 2, 1965: Robert O Anderson, Chairman, Dr. Alvin C Eurick, President, Aspen Institute for Hunanistic Studies: The Aspen Institute - Past, Present and Future Monday, April 12, 1965: Jim Lucas, Foreign Correspondent, Scrippe-Howard Newspapers: The Vietnam Story Tuesday, May 11, 1965: Dr. Kingman Brewster Jr., Pres, Yale University: The Challenge Facing Higher Education Today Wednesday, July 7, 1965: Dr. Lee A. DuBridge, President, California Institute of Technology: Exploring the Moon and Mars Monday, October 18, 1965: Dr. James B. Fisk, President, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc Wednesday, January 26, 1966: John A. Love, Governor of Colorado: Annual Meeting Tuesday, May 24, 1966: Frank Pace, Jr., Pres. Intl Executive Service Corp: New Dimensions in Business Responsibility Thursday, October 20, 1966: Major General Shu Kuang Hu, Nationalist Chinese Air Force: The Problems of China Monday, January 23, 1967: Donald McLaughlin, Chairman of the Board, Homestake Mining Company: The Gold Problem Monday, February 20, 1967: His Excellency Torben Ronne, Ambassodor of Denmark: New Dimensions in Danish Foreign Policy and Trade Monday, July 17, 1967: Professor Eli Shapiro, Graduate School of Business Admin, Harvard University: The Present Economic Scene Thursday, November 16, 1967: Maurice B. Mitchell, Chancellor DU: Inventing Tomorrow Wednesday, January 17, 1968: Donald Hoagland, Former Asst Admin, Agency for Intl Development: A New Chance for Indonesia Monday, February 19, 1968: Tullah Innes Hanley, dancer, author, lecturer, Benjamin Franklin Institute: Loving Art and the Art of Loving Friday, April 19, 1968: Whitney Young Jr., Exec Director, Ntl Urban League: The American Negro in 1968 Wednesday, May 1, 1968: His Excellency, Sir Patrick Dean, G.C.M.G.: Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassodor to the USBritian in the 70's Tuesday, February 4, 1969: George Cranmer, Citizen of Denver Extraordinaire: Three Projects of Importance in Colorado Wednesday, June 11, 1969: General Raymond Reeves, Commander in Chief, North American Air Defense Command


Tuesday, April 28, 1970: F. George Robinson and Donald Magarell, Denver Olympic Organizing Committee: Denver's Olympic Chances at Amsterdam Wednesday, May 20, 1970: Dr. Walter Orr Robert, President, University Corp for Atmospheric Research: Man on a Changing Earth Monday, August 3, 1970: Avery Brundage, President, Intl Olympic Committee: The Olympic Movement Tuesday, March 9, 1971: Very Rev. Francis Sayre, Dean, Washington Cathedral: Change and Survival Thursday, April 1, 1971: David E. Howe, Game Preservers: History of Game Preserves Monday, August 9, 1971: James Roche, Chairman of the Board, General Motors Corporation: Business in America Today Thursday, April 6, 1972: Honorable Peter Dominick, Senator from Colorado: Changing Alliances: Implication for US Foreign Policy Thursday, December 28, 1972: James A. Michener, Pulitzer Prize Winner: Thirty Eight Years Later Sunday, February 13, 1972: Professor John Carver Jr, Professor of Law, DU: Energy and Government Tuesday, August 14, 1973: Eugene Adams, President of First National Bank of Denver and President of the American Bankers Association: Commercial Banking: The Domestic and Intl Scene Thursday, November 29, 1973: Hollis Dole, GM, Colony Development Operation: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Affuence Wednesday, February 13, 1974: Mrs. Penny Tweedy, Managing Partner, The Meadow Stable, Dowswell, VA: Thoroughbred Horse Racing as a Way of Life + Film Thursday, June 20, 1974: John Welles, Head of the Industrial Economic Div, DU Research Institute: The Denver Dollar Has Two Sides Monday, October 7, 1974: Carlisle Humelsine, President, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: This meeting was cancelled due to illness of Mr. Humelsine Wednesday, March 12, 1975: Donn Tutum, Chairman Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, CA: The Wonderful World of Disney Wednesday, August 27, 1975: Annual Meeting at the Kent-Denver Country Day School: BBQ Picnic Monday, November 3, 1975: General Daniel James Jr, Commander in Chief, North American Air Defense Command and US Air Force Aerospace Defense Command Monday, January 26, 1976: Peanuts Hucko's Jazz FiveProvided entertainment for this meeting Wednesday, May 19, 1976: William Blair Jr., Chairman of Board of Governors of the Nature Conservancy & Deputy Asst Secretary of State DC Tuesday, August 17, 1976: Annual Meeting at the Kent-Denver Country Day School: Picnic on the Green Tuesday, October 5, 1976: Honorable Sir Peter Ramsbothan, K.C.M.G British Ambassador to the US Wednesday, March 30, 1977: Honorable Walter Hickel, Former Governor of Alaska & Former US Secretary of the Interior: Thoughts On American Energy Self-Sufficiency Wednesday, May 25, 1977: Annual Meeting at Denver Club: Honorable George Bush: Guest Speaker Wednesday, December 14, 1977: Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker: Panama Canal Treaties Monday, March 20, 1978: Walt Whitman Roslow, Former Special Asst to the President for National Security Affairs: Some Tough Energy Policy Problems Monday, May 22, 1978: Richard Underwood, Technical Asst to the Chief, Photographic Technology Division: NASA Photography from Manned Spacecraft Tuesday, October 10, 1978: Annual Meeting at University Club: Chancellor Pritchard of DU and Fred Gherke, GM of the Denver Broncos - Speakers Broncos Thursday, March 22, 1979: Honorable Peter Jay, British Ambassador to the US: Britain - The New Realism Friday, May 18, 1979: Dr. Ghaith Pharaon of Jeffah Saudi Arabia: Middle Eastern Investments in the US


Wednesday, February 20, 1980: Dr. Ralph Buuitjens, President Professor, CO School of Mines: Resurgent Islam and American Foreign Policy - Confrontation or Cooperation in the 80's Tuesday, June 10, 1980: Honorable Steven Low, US Ambassador to Nigeria Wednesday, July 30, 1980: Annual Meeting: Dr. Richard Talbott: My experience as Team Physician to the Broncos, Rockies and Comets Wednesday, January 28, 1981: Carroll Wilson, Professor of Energy & Environment: Global Prospect of Energy, Coal, and the Environment Thursday, September 10, 1981: Dr. David Abahire, Chair, Center for Strategies & Intl Studies, Georgetown University Octboer 13, 1981: Eugene Bowes, President Bowes & Co: The Real Estate Explosion in Downtown Dever Saturday, November 14, 1981: Dr. Federic de Hoffman, President of the Salk Institute, Dr Floyd Bloom, Chair to the Faculty, Salk Institure Monday, June 14, 1982: Thomas Watson Jr, Former US Ambassador to the USSR and Directir and Chair of Emeritus IBM Corp: Deterrence or Suicide Thursday, September 30, 1982: Annual Meeting: Akael Nielsen, Corp Dir, Financier and Civic Leader Denver: Reflections on the Development of Denver Thursday, December 2, 1982: William Macomber, President, Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Metropolitan World of Beautiful Things: Its Problems and its Pleasures Monday, March 14, 1983: George Beardsley, Partner Central Devel Group, William Hornby, Vice President & Editor, The Denver Post, Bruce Rockwell, Chair CO National Bank of Denver, George Writer Jr, Chair & CEO, Writer Corp: The Future of Denver Thursday, April 14, 1983: Rt Hon. Patrick Jenkin, MP Secretary of State for Industry UK Friday, May 6, 1983: Hon Jeane Kirkpatrick, US Permanent Rep to the UN Tuesday, September 27, 1983: Harry Combs, Vice Chair, Gates Learjet Corp: How Strong is the Wind (film included) Tuesday, November 8, 1983: Dr. Theodore Sizer, Chair, National Association of Secondary School Principals & the Commission: Educational Issues of Independent Schools Wednesday, January 11, 1984: Keith Brown, US Ambassador to Lesotho: Experiences as the US Ambassador to the African Country of Lesotho Tuesday, February 21, 1984: Dr. Richard Berendzen, President, The American University: The Astronomical Perspective - The life cycle of the stars ending in black holes: the scientific search for extra-terrestrial life and the place of humankind in the system Thursday, May 31, 1984: Hon. Adam Butler, Minister of State, Northern Ireland: The Economic Issues of Norther Ireland and the United Kingdon Wednesday, December 12, 1984: Hon Richard Lamm, Governor of Colorado, Charles Froelicher, Executive Director, Gates Foundation: The Crisis in Medical Costs Wednesday, September 4, 1985: Adolfo Calero, Director of Fuerza Democratics: NicaraguaenseConflict in Nicarague Thursday, October 17, 1985: Annual Meeting: Robert Blanz, President of Mountain Bell: Mountain Bell/AT&T - What's Happened? What's Ahead? Monday, December 9, 1985: Sir Oliver Wright GCMG, GCVO, DSC, British Ambassador to US: Five Years of Growth: The Thatcher Revolution Monday, March 3, 1986: Hon Donald Hodel, Secretary of the Interior of the US: An Energy/Resource Perspective 1986 Tuesday, May 20, 1986: Dr. Gordon Gee, President of CU: The Relationship of Higher Education to Economic Development Wednesday, November 5, 1986: Annual Meeting: Monte Pascoe, President Denver Water Board, and Partner Ireland, Stapleton, Pryor and Pascoe: The Denver Water Board - A Forec to Insure the Quality of Life Along the Front Range or A Water Distribution Agency Which Exist to Promote Random Growth? Monday, January 19, 1987: General Robert Herres, Commander In Chief, North American Aerospace Command and the US Space Command: Space and Strategic Deterrence Tuesday, May 12, 1987: Brian Urquhari, Scholar in Residence of Ford Foundation: Random Notes From A Career In War and Peace Friday, October 30, 1987: Peter Carrington, Secretary General, NATO: The State of the Alliance Tuesday, December 8, 1987: Annual Meeting: Richard Schlosberg III, Publisher and Chief Exec Officer, The Denver Post: Perspective of Where Denver Has Been Going in the Past Four Years Wednesday, May 18, 1988: William Tutt, President of the Broadmore Hotel & Vice President of the US Olympic Committee, Dr. Evie Dennis, US Olymic Committee: Calgary and Seoul - The '88 Olympic Year Tuesday, July 26, 1988: Humphrey Taylor, President of Louis Harris & Association National Opinion Polling Organization: The American Health Care System - A Trillion Dollar Industry in Transition Friday, November 11, 1988: Frank Lorenzo, Chair Continental Airlines: Why We Need a Denver Airport, But One We Can Afford Tuesday, February 28, 1989: Sir Antony Acland CGMB, KCVO, British Ambassador to US: Change and Opportunity in International Affairs Tuesday, July 25, 1989: Peter Teets, President, Martin Marietta Astronautics Group: Martin Marietta and the Denver Community Wednesday, December 13, 1989: Robert Craig Ph.D, President, Keystone Center: Reflections of an Aging Mountaineer


Tuesday, March 20, 1990: Frank Newman Ph.D, President, Education Commission of the States and Immediate Past Board Chair, American Association of Higher Education: Crisis and Reform in Public Education Monday, June 11, 1990: Kenneth Adelman, Syndicated Columnist, Vice President of the Institute for Contemporary Studies and Past Director of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency: Industrial and Economic Reorganization in the Era or World Arms Reduction Wednesday, February 13, 1991: Patricia Nelson Limerick, Assistant Professor of History CU, author on History of the US West: The Re-exploration of the American West, Past and Future Thursday, May 30, 1991: Authur Powell, Ph.D, Harvard Graduate School of Education: Our Public High Schools - From the Problems of Shopping Mall Choice to the Promise of National Examinations Tuesday, June 25, 1991: John Negroponte, US Ambassador to Mexico: Mexico and the United States in the 1990's Thursday, September 19, 1991: Senator Paul Tsongas: Probing and Provacative insights into the issues and realities of this Country Tuesday, October 22, 1991: Charles Ansbacher, Executive Director, Foundation for the Performing Arts Complex, Mathaniel Merrill, President and General Director of Opera Colorado: Tour of new Buell Theater Tuesday, May 26, 1992: Jean and Tom Sutherland: The Future of Lebanon and American University Thursday, August 6, 1992: Gilbert M. Grosvenor, President & Chair National Geographic Society: Reawaken and Upgrage Geographic Education in the Classroom Tuesday, November 17, 1992: George S. Ansell, President of Colorado School of Mines Tuesday, June 15, 1993: Bruce Ducker, Author: What the Bulter Saw, or the Novelist as Voyeur Tuesday, October 12, 1993: Members of GRASP Youth, Reconstruction, Inner Reality & the Frontiersman Program: Youth Violence: Street Level Solutions Wednesday, June 22, 1994: Ambassodor John D. Scanlan, Yugoslavia: Is Balkan Peace Possible? Thursday, September 1, 1994: Swanee Hunt, Ambassador Austria: Charles AnsbacherTo Honor Hunt and Ansbacher January 19 1995: Timothy E. Wirth, Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs: National Security Newly Defined Wednesday, April 26, 1995: Sidney Altman, Professor of Biology, Yale: 1989 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and Author Robinson, Jewish Cnt Immunolgy - Respiratory Med, CU Medical SchoolGenetic Screening: Academic and Social Concerns Friday, June 23, 1995: Hedrick L. Smith, Correspondent, New York Times, Pulitzer Prize Winner: Challenge to America…a Partnership for Education and Business Wednesday, March 6, 1996: Jean W. Dubofsky, Frm CO Supreme Court Justice, and Gale A. Norton, CO Attorney General: Amendment Two: Observations on the Argument before the Supreme Court July 26-28, 1996: Concerts, cocktails, lectures and dinner: Weekend of Music and Good Company Tuesday, October 15, 1996: Sam Beard, Chair National Development Council, President -American Institute for Public Service: Restoring Hope in America - The Social Security Solution Wednesday, January 22, 1997: Play, Cast: Weinshienk, Pinto, Wagonfeld, Kelly, Heitler,Cain: The Sentencing Hearing Tuesday, June 17, 1997: Charles D. Hollister, VP Corp of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute: Excess Weapons Plutonium: Where on Earth? Thursday, September 11, 1997: Major General Charles Vyvyan, Defense Attache', Head of British Defense Staff, Washington: A New NATO for a New World Tuesday, February 3, 1998: Governor Richard Lamm: The Next New Deal - The Next Conservative Revolution Tuesday, April 14, 1998: Peter Barton, past President, CEO and co-founder of Liberty Media Corp: A Proven Media and Technology Futurist and Successful Capitist Free Associates About the Next Five Years… July 24-26, 1998: Concerts, cocktails, lectures and dinner: Weekendof Music and Good Company Tuesday, January 19, 1999: Senator Hank Brown and Represenative David Skaggs: Challenges of Political Leadership Tuesday, March 30, 1999: The RedHOUSE designed by Olsen-Sundberg: The new LoDo home of Frederick and Jan Mayer Thursday, October 14, 1999: Tom Murphy, Mayor of City of Pittsburgh: Yes, We Can!


Friday, February 11, 2000: Michael Stanley Dukakis, former Governor of MA, Democratic Presidential Nominee: The Uninsured: 44 Million and Counting Thursday, June 1, 2000: Dr. John E. Chubb, Founding Partner, Chief Educational Officer: Edison Schoolsfor Profit Schools and the Future of Public Education Monday, October 23, 2000: Richard R. Young, Managing Partner - Holmes, Roberts & Owens: Are Drugs Winning the Olympic Games? Wednesday, January 31, 2001: Floyd Ciruli, Founder of Ciruli Association Research and Consulting Firm: Gridlock or Consensus Monday, December 3, 2001: Earl Clark, Hon Regimental Commander WWII Unit, and Dick Over, Original Member of the "skiing soldiers"10th Mountain Division Thursday, April 25, 2002: Karen L. King, Professor of New Testament Studies, Harvard Divinity SchoolWomen and Heresy: Discoveries from Egypt October, 16, 2002: Peter M. Dawkins, Vice Chair of Citigroup Private Bank Life: Liberty and the Pursuit of Normalcy: America and the World Past September 11th Tuesday, March 25, 2003: Senator Gary Hart: National Security in the 21st Century Thursday, April 24, 2003: Dr. Patricia S. Huntington, Senior Vice President, Policy Strategy National Committee on American Foreign Policy: Landmines and US Foreign Policy Sunday, June 15, 2003: Dr. Clay S. Jenkinson: Thomas Jefferson Speaks on American Leadership in the World: Then and Now Monday, October 20, 2003: Steven J. McCormick: Conservation in the 21st Century: Balancing the Needs of People and Nature Monday, February 9, 2004: Mayor John Hickenlooper: Reflections from the Mile High Mayor Sunday, March 21, 2004: Ambassador Philip C. Wilcox, Jr: America, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the War Against Terrorism Tuesday, February 22, 2005: T. R. Reid: The United States of Europe Tuesday, June 14, 2005: The Honorable Hank Brown: Prosperity for the 21st Century Wednesday, September 21, 2005: Dr. Authur Jones: The Spirituals: Wisdom from our African American Ancestors Wednesday, November 9, 2005: Dr. James Griesemer: Colorado's Economic Future - Promise, Perils and Principles for Progress Monday, January 23, 2006: Jack Finlaw: An Evening at "The Ellie" Thursday, April 20, 2006: Bridget Coughlin, Ph.D: Body Worlds 2 Exhibit Thursday, September 28, 2006: Michael F. Bennet, Superintendent Denver Public Schools: The First Year on the Job Tuesday, January 30, 2007: Floyd Ciruli Colorado: From Red to Purple to Blue in Four Years. Harbinger or Outlier? Monday, June 4, 2007: Stephen Saunders: Climate Disruption in Colorado: What it Can Do To Us and What We Can Do About It Monday, September 10, 2007: Sarah Chayes: Afghanistan: A Report on the Country in Real Time Wednesday, October 10, 2007: David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the US: America's Sustainability Challenges Tuesday, January 15, 2008: Frederick P. Hitz, Former Inspector General, CIA 1990-1998: The Future of US Intelligence Wednesday, April 16, 2008: Robert C. Baron & Thomas Locker, Author and Painter: Nature and the Meaning of Life and Death Thursday, September 25, 2008: Andrew Romanoff: Forging Colorado's Fiscal Future Wednesday, November 5, 2008: Christ Gibbons, Bill Durtz, Amy Slothower, Rob Stein: New Options in Public Education Thursday, January 29, 2009: Frank Prager, Vice President Environmental Policy: Xcel Energy and the Clean Energy Future Tuesday, April 21, 2009: John F. Lehman, Former Secretary of the Nave and Member of the 9/11 Commission: Securing the Common Defense in an Era of Economic Crisis Monday, November 16, 2009: Andrew T. Price-Smith, Director of North American Studies, Co-Dir. of Environmental Science & Associate Prof at CCPandemic Influenza: Disease, Fear and National Security Wednesday, January 27, 2010: T.R. Reid, NPR Correspondent: Fixing Our Health Care System: What Comes Next? Tuesday, May 18, 2010: Dr. Kirk R. Johnson, Chief Curator Denver Museum of Nuture & Science: Forward Into the Past: Using Fossils to Understand the Future Thursday, September 9, 2010: Dr. James Griesemer, Prof & Dean Emeritus, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver: Immigration Reform: Finding a Way Forward

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