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Please Rank Your Choices 1-9

1. Jason Hicks: a friend of Giles Fox

I have a “crowd pleaser” talk that I give on cruise ships… it is part 2 of climate change, and it is entitled “Climate Change – Stewards of Our Planet”. It focuses on each individual’s contribution to climate change and explores the solutions, but with the conclusion that we are in the middle of a largely unrecognized revolution that marks the end of the fossil fuel age. It is a little more optimistic than most straight “climate” talks.


2. Charlie Paxton: friend of a friend of George Tyler

Weather and climate, More than just Sunshine.  Dr. Charles (Charlie) Paxton is an author, speaker, scientist, and adventurer who travels the globe. Charlie, the son of a Navy pilot, was born in London England, and lived in locations from the Aleutians to Panama to Antarctica and has traveled extensively including New Zealand, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia. Charlie has BA and MS degrees in Meteorology and a PhD in Environmental Science and Policy. He is a co-author of the book Florida Weather and Climate – More than Just Sunshine and the author of 50+ science articles and papers.


3. Greg Carpenter: suggested by Barton Lilly 

Colorado Opera is already in discussions for October 3rd for a potential 500th Gala Celebration, let’s discuss! 


4. Dr. Elliot Engel:

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Sir Winston Churchill.  Dr. Engel will regale us with the remarkable life stories and memorable historical quotes.  “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm…” Dr. Engel delivers his tribute to Sir Winston in his utterly delightful fashion using humor, wisdom and impeccable knowledge.  


5. Jason Crow US House of Representatives for Colorado’s 6th District:

The New Patriot from both sides of the aisle


6. John Tanning:

Rocky Mountain Arsenal: From Chemical Wasteland to Urban Wildlife Refuge 


7. Greg Perry and Kevin Watters: Software engineers on InMoov and MyRobotLab projects

Revolutionizing Robotics: Embracing Open-Source Humanoid Robots   Come away with a new vision of what lies ahead in robotics.


8. Bradley Davidson DU PhD: in Biomedical Engineering and Works at DU's Center for Orthopedic Biomechanics

Everyone is a Biomechanist: Biomechanics of Human Movement “…we marry tools from engineering, anatomy and medicine” to improve lives.  Latest research behind knee and hip rehab, concussion recovery, shoe design ski biomechanics and more


9. Bill, Greg, and Chip Bollendonk all in the family: Three Generations of Aerospace Engineering

Learn how this family, across three generations from the 1950s to 2030 and beyond, balance from early Titan rockets and deep space exploration to feed their automotive passion maintaining and operating vintage sports cars.   (Not confirmed but I can reach out if there is interest) 

Please rank your choice of speakers by putting the corresponding numbers in the box below.
For example- 6,7,4,1,3… 
Please call Connie if you have questions. 303.594.7878
Choices for reference: 
1. Jason Hicks
2. Charlie Paxton
3. Greg Carpenter
4. Dr. Elliot Engel
5. Jason Crow
6. John Tanning
7. Greg Perry and Kevin Watters
8. Bradley Davidson
9. Bill, Greg, and Chip Bollendonk

Thank you for sharing!

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